Church History

New St. John Baptist Church had it’s beginning in 1914 when a small prayer meeting group held a meeting beneath a brush arbor where a
tent was set up for worship.

The leaders of the group were devoted ministers who have long been decreased, decided to form a church in the Newell Community.

After much praying and consideration, they agreed the church’s name would be called St. John Baptist Church of Newell, NC. There were
several ministers who served during this era as the church began to grow. More people joined and much more progress was made.

As the years of progress continued, the late Rev. William Lee Sr. was called in the middle 40’s to serve as pastor of St. John Baprist Church.
Plans for our new church was made. It was in the midst of these plans that the Lord called Rev. Lee Sr. from labor to reward.

Following the death of his father, the late Rev. William Lee Jr. was officially called to be pastor after being assistant pastor to his father for
one year. He took up the building plans of his father and successfully led the church on a great mission.

It was in 1957 that our church started services every Sunday instead of every other Sunday. As the years continued, a 3rd year building
program was undertaken.

We marched into our 3rd church on the 4th Sunday in October 1965. Our new church was renamed New St. John Baptist Church. In 1966,
Rev. William Lee Jr. was called to serve at Silver Mount Baptist Church. He preached his farewell sermon on Junt 19, 1966.


In July 1966, Rev. Robert H. Leak Sr. was called as our pastor. As Rev. Leak came to us, we had a good foundation to continue the progress.
Under his great leadership, we grew in many ways – more choirs, more associate ministers, more members, a church van, and much more.

As we journey down memory lane, we can not forget some of our great faithful members who left legaceis to remember, Mother Mozelle McClure
was not only the oldest member, but was the mother of the church. She witnessed the going home celebration of devoted members like Deacon
Dock Reel, Sister Jeanette White, Sister Cornelia Dean, Sister Margie Elmore and many others.

We had our new church’s Dedication and Celebration services which began on Sunday August 8, 2004 and continued through Friday,
August 13, 2004.

We also celebrated our Pastor Emeritus, Rev. Robert H. Leak Sr. and First Lady Mrs. Annie Mae Leaks 42nd Anniversary and Retirement on
July 23, 2006.

We have been blessed with several more church anniversaries since we have been in our new church. On Wednesday, July 16, 2008, Rev. Leak Sr.
was called from labor to reward. He left a great legacy that we will always remember.


The Lord has sent us another great man of God, Rev. Eric W. Baker and First Lady Mrs. Kimberly Baker with four lovely children. Rev. Baker
was installed on March 1,2009 by Dr. Fred Gibson of Greater Providence Baptist Church of Charlotte, NC. He is a spirit filled man who has a
zeal for the Lord.

We continue to be blessed with new members, more progress, new ideas, and continued success in the Lord.

New St. John Baptist Church | 2000 St John Church Road Charlotte, NC 28215 | (704) 536-6490